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S.O.C.T. Training: Industrial Management 101

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If you're new to EVE Online and want to know how to get started in Industry, read on...

Within my circle of 'friendly enemies' in EVE Online, I am known for two things: Piracy and Industry. I have been approached lately for knowledge about and insight into industry it by a number of people. So, I present part one of the Society Of Conscious Thought  Training guide: Industrial Management for beginners. 

This first instalment assumes you are a brand new player to EVE Online in your first week, or know exactly nothing about industry. It forms the very basic fundamentals of other things that will be covered in other future instalments. This part of the guide covers the following:

  • An introduction to EVE Online's industry game play for beginners
  • How to read a blueprint
  • How to successfully produce a ship hull (or any other basic item)
  • Providing a list of other articles for more in depth information in each aspect

It is not meant to be a be-all and end-all guide to each aspect, for that, there are better articles that I will list as I go along. For some of it you will need to make judgement calls and very little I can write here will be useful outside of unique situations. As always, do your homework.

A Basic Introduction To Industrial Gameplay within EVE Online

Industry in EVE Online can be seperated into several basic fuctions:

  • Production and Manufacturing items
  • Research
  • Invention
  • Research and Development
  • Copying blueprints
  • Logistics (for the purposes of this guide, "Logistics" refers to actual logistics, not the ship class. this refers to hauling materials from point a to point b for production, research, invention, research and development, mining or sales. It is your industrial supply line.)
  • Mining
  • Buying and sales (economics)

How To Read a Tech 1 Blueprint

For this part of the guide, we will focus on using a blueprint to manufacture an Incursus-Class gallente combat frigate hull. The basic blueprints for this ship are available on the EVE Online wiki, however for this guide, we are going to go off of a set of screenshots I took in-game of one of my own, purely because the wiki does not have some things that the actual in-game item displays. 

EVE Online - Incursus Blueprint

So, starting from the top:

The blueprint will tell you if it is an original (much like any other official document, there are copies and then certified "originals") or if it is a copy. If it is a copy, the word copy will be displayed instead, and its text will be in grey instead of green. Next, it tells you what it produces, giving the number of each item per run. In this case, each manufacturing job (otherwise known as a "run") it produces 1 Incursus combat frigate. Blueprints for things such as ammo can produce as many as 100 items per run, and it is worth taking into account when you look at how many materials you want or need compared with how many of a certain item you wish to produce. We will get into that a bit further down, though.

Next up are the general stats of the blueprint, which can be made better with things like researching. The material level decides how efficient each run of the blueprint is, and how many of each of the materials are required per blueprint run. It directly translates into the next item, wastage factor. All blueprints start at 10 percent waste and as the material level increases, that number decreases. In this case, the blueprint wastes 0.5% of the materials used with it for each run. Generally, going much lower is not worthwhile as the numbers become increasingly small, and achieving 0.0% waste factor is not worth the time required.

Material Level versus waste graph

The next item is a bit redundant, and tells you if it is a copy. It used to be that it wasn't as clear if it is a copy or an original, and this is something people used in order to scam others (usually with using tech 2 blueprint copies and passing them off as originals with open item exchange contracts).

Productivity level is also known as productivity efficiency and generally allows you to judge how long it will take in order to finish each run of the blueprint - the higher the level, the less time it requires. In this case, it will take one hour and twenty minutes (for me, because I have skills that reduce the time needed for it). It really isn't worth spending time researching for ships like this, mostly because an hour and twenty minutes in EVE is about as long as a blink of an eye. It is worth researching when you start talking about ships like battlecruisers, battleships and capital ships, but that will be covered in another article entirely.

Given the above information, the last two items should be straightforward: Licensed production runs remaining for a blueprint original is always infinite, and there are a maximum number of runs that each blueprint copy can ever have before it destroys itself.

Manufacturing time is also straightforward. As I mentioned with the productivity level, there are skills you can also train to shorten the time required in order to manufacture items. These skills are primarily under Industry. The skill called Industry allows for the basic operation of factories. Each level of the industry skill reduces the time needed for each run by 4% for a total reduction of 20% at level 5. The other two skills you need to look into are called Mass Production and Advaned Mass Production, each level of them allows for an additional one manufacturing job to be run at the same time. If you want to get into this area seriously, having an extra ten slots is very, very useful.

Like with manufacturing, researching timers can be reduced with skills dedicated to that area. The skills that you should look into are Science, Research, Metallurgy, Laboratory Operation, Advanced Laboratory Operation, and Scientific Networking.

Lastly, under the Bill of Materials: Manufacturing tab, you have the skills needed to actually produce the ship and the minerals needed in order to do so, as it pertains to your skills and the quality of the blueprint you are using. 

The invention tab lists the skills you would need in order to try to research a blueprint copy made from this blueprint into a tech 2 variant of the ship, in the case of the Incursus, they are the Enyo and Ishkur, both of which are assault frigates and you'll need cenrain skills and sets of unique materials in order to build them. As you can see with my blueprint, I lack two skills that I would need to train if I wanted to get into turning blueprints into tech 2 blueprints.

How to actually manufacture a ship

At this point, if you are still with me, you are probably bored of having read all of the above and want to actually just put it to good use. Assuming you have all of the materials listed in the blueprint, you go to the Science and Industry pane in your NeoCom and click on the blueprints tab, you then select the blueprint you want to build and right click it before going to Manufacture. It will then pop up a window asking how many runs you want to do, where the ship or item should be deposited after it is finished and where the materials it will need are located. Presuming you select "my hangar" for everything, it will take everything it needs from your personal items hangar in your current station, and upon finishing deposit the ship back into the same location.

Further Study:

The EVE Online Wiki articles on researching blueprints, and how tech 2 blueprints are made, along with research agents and invention are all worth reading for more detailed, specific information.

Researching blueprints

Research agent


Material research

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